Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where are these days going?

These days with Elijah are just flying by! I was writing out bills yesterday... ah YUCK! and was like what day is it? I was talking on the phone to my sister at the same time and she was like Jan. 20th and I was like WHAT?? How did we get to the middle of Jan. already. My sweet boy is going to be 2 months next Thurs. Where has all this time gone and how did it go so fast. K and I were just talking the other night about how we know soon enough he will going off to Kindergarten in the 2015-2016 school year. Crazy to think about. I am sure by then there will be brothers and sisters to be worrying about and it won't be as hard! HA.. I am sure I will be a sappy first day of Kindergarten mom. I never saw myself this way, but like the song says A Baby Changes Everything!

Okay off of my soapbox/ sappy mommy moment, but the Great Shred has taken a back seat for a little while due to my clog! Which I am happy to report this morning it was the size of a M& M so we are seeing progress. Which is great news because that means we are getting closer to ending the whole feeding issue! PRAISE THE LORD!!! K has been awesome through this entire event. He has done everything from working full-time, giving private lessons, wash, cleaning bottles, cleaning out house, and making sure I feel loved. Thanks for all you do hub of the year!

This blog has proven to be a great journal and recorder of memories, which I am hoping to print out and keep for E man. Speaking of the little man he is down for a nap and I need a shower... so off I go!

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