Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Dinner Out

Last night K and I decided that we needed to go out for dinner. So Elijah had his first trip to Chilli's. It was uneventful and he did great! Everyone was commenting on how cute he is! We think so, but we are a little bias. Chilli's has changed their menu and I wasn't too happy, but it was so nice to go out to eat. It was nice to not have to cook after so many meals at home. We are such go out people that having him has made us stay home to ensure he did not pick anything up.

Update on the Great Shred: I am doing well with not eating a ton. I am still not back to the gym due to breastfeeding and that whole craziness. As soon as I am finished with that I will be hitting the Y hard and heavy! All of my clothes are starting to get too big so I think there are some pounds that are coming off, but I haven't weight myself in a couple of weeks. So as soon as I do I will share an update. I am finding out this is more of an emotional journey that anything else and God is revealing some amazing things in my life, which is transforming my eating and mindset. That's for another post....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing on this site, Lauren. Keep it up. I read it. =)
Tracy Cassel

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