Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Today over at Kelly's Korner she is hosting a carnival about Simple Pleasures. This made me thing what are my simple pleasures in life. Mine have changed greatly in the last couple of weeks due to Eli making his arrival! So here is a quick list of current and past simple pleasures

- getting a pedicure- got my last one the weekend before E man was born and was I ever happy I did that, made the whole process seem a little better and I felt a little more girly!

- going out for dinner... we haven't gone out in over a month. So I think tonight is the night!

- wondering through the King of Prussia Mall.... we now live 1.5 hrs. from it so it was normally a special trip when we went down, but I haven't be there in 3 months so it will be a simple pleasure once I get to go again!!

- Warm homemade bread... i have been make a few batches and it has warmed the soul

- time alone with my journal has proven to be a simple pleasure

- Dunkin Dounuts coffee any kind

- internet shopping and things showing up at the door.... love this, but stinks when returns have to happen!

- and last, but not least having K home to hang out and help out with Elijah

I am sure there are more I can think of, but for right now that is what I am loving as my simple pleasures

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good, i just added up lots of new emo backgrounds to my blog