Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend and Begining of week

This Friday I found a great deal on a new stroller thanks to a friend who tipped me off! This Macleren was only $150! So here is E in his new stroller that was a total lifesaver this weekend working. The boys were great with him and all wanted to hold him or push him around. It was sweet.This is E with his 2nd cousin Bella holding him. He was happy most of the time, but I snapped the pic at a bad time. Becky K's cousin came for a visit and it was fun to have them over!

This is fresh from tonight! I love his little shirt it says "Made of Love" that is our little man. He so squishy and lovable.

This week has been pretty busy as we had another playdate today, but I forgot to take pics!! Tomorrow I have nothing on the agenda and that sounds great! I think Eli will need a little break after such a busy weekend. I do hope we get a lot of snow tonight ... so K won't have to go to work tomorrow, but doubtful!

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