Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1st Trip To Hershey Park

Since we live so close to Hershey Park and we get free tickets we decided last night was the right night to take the little man for his first trip. K grew up going to Hershey Park since he was a tot and so we thought it would be fun to take along K's parents for the evening. He LOVES Merry-Go- Rounds...he had a blast on his first ride!
Here we are at Chocolate World... it is kind of dark, but the singing cows are in the background. He loved watching all of that!
He loved riding the train sitting on his Pappy's lap! He had a blast and it was a fun night for all of us!


Amy said...

Hey! I'm from Jennas blog =) We live somewhat close to Hershey! It looked like he had a blast!! What a cutie!! I would like to take our little guy soon ( he will be 2 in September) BUT it has BEEN SO HOT here!! And we would have to make it a day trip ( not that close)...

Kris said...

Your son has the sweetest smile :)