Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night we had a super busy night signing some papers for a new house....well let's just say it isn't official yet because we looked at another house yesterday. So we got to pick Elijah late on Friday night from K's parents because I also had to get a new phone!!!So here is his wake-up pic!! So stinking cute!!
Saturday nigh we went to the drive-in put on by Turkey Hill. They run free outdoor movies on this huge screen. He is laying on a blanket playing with one of our friends kids!

Here is a pic of us before it starts... I wanted to try and get the screen in on the background, but that didn't happen!
Sunday was church and looking at another house! But in the evening we got a sitter and went to Sam's birthday party! It was fun and here are the guy playing the Wii
The birthday girl and the host! Such a fun night!

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