Sunday, August 15, 2010


We have a lot of upgrades to do around our house before January hits like a huge blizzard. I need advice to ask what I should upgrade too.... so please leave me comments on what to buy....

Item number 1:
What type of double stroller do I get? Should I get a side by side or a front to back? I need something for a baby and a toddler. Do I get a city mini or something else???

Item number 2:
What type of carseat should I upgrade E to?
Do I get a Britax for both cars since they are the best? Do I stick to something that is little less expensive?? I have found with infant seats that Chicco are the best, but are the most expensive!

Of course, we have been looking at houses for days now and that will continue until something is found! That is one upgrade that I think we know what we want!

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