Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This week was pretty packed! Friday night K and I went to see a movie and had a little time for just us! Then, Saturday we rushed to a wedding in Md. and bought a playset from some friends. So E is already to swing on his new swing set! It is currently, being housed at the grandparents backyard until we figure out where we are moving! Thanks so much Mom and Dad!! Sunday, we had a spa day for my friend Regan who is getting married in September!So that brought our sweet friends the Yoder's to town and these two little buddies could hang out! Ben and Elijah are only 3.5 months apart and are starting to really love to play together! So stinkin cute and I am sure they will only become better friends as time goes on...

This pictures shows friendship that has lasted for over 15 years! Regan in the middle is the bride to be and Shannon is on the end is the momma of Ben. We have been through many different events in our lives and stay friends through it all!
When we got back from the spa the boys played in the pool and had a blast! Then, they all had to leave... always a sad moment!
Today, we took the little man to Dutch Wonderland. We went with some friends from the Milt and had a blast! E was super hot, but hung out like a trooper. He went on a couple of rides and played in the waterpark. This is the only picture I took all day.. I was a bad blogger today!

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lauren said...

Dutch Wonderland brings back so many childhood memories! Thanks for the mental jog :)