Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crazy Week!

This week has been jammed packed!
Mon: It rained all day here! We went for an ultrasound on Hudson and everything looked great! He is measuring a little big so hopefully, he slows down a little!Tues: We headed to MOPS bright and early... this is a little snap shot of the Eli before we left! He had a blast there and slept in the nursery, which is unheard of for this little tot! Then we headed off to my friend Megan who watched the little man while i did my glucose test. Hopefully, I passed, but won't know until Monday most likely.

Cont. Tuesday... We met up with Auntie Liz aka the Baby Whisper for a little dinner since she is in town from Houston and is playing in Lanc. Of course, Elijah loved all of her sweetness and attention.
Wed: Y, nap, lunch with a friend, and the melting pot with these lovely ladies! I had a blast... thanks so much Kel!!They brought me this lovely plate for my birthday as a little celebration. The choc. course we picked was AWESOME!!! K and I might have to plan a date for a little choc. fondue before this special one goes away.

Today, was crazy.. no pic sorry... but I got a ton of things off the To Do List, which is always lovely. I will share about my crazy diaper deals tomorrow!

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