Monday, June 27, 2011

6 Months to Christmas.... Oh and Hudson birthday!

This big man is 6th months!!!

Were does the time go...

This is the best pic I was going to get... He had been in the car all day and was pretty wiped out!

What are you doing Hudson:

- Rolling and almost crawling

- Talking tons

- Grabbing everything in site

- Playing and inter acting with your bro all the time and loving it!

- I don't know how big you are or how long you because your appt. is on Wed.

- You have a HUGE belly laugh that we all love

- You eat almost anything

- Sleep time is getting better and better every day... 10-12 hrs. at night and 2 2hr. naps a day

- Finally, you love the wagon as much as your brother loves it

- Hudson you are a busy little boy that I am excited to see what you are going to do some day! We love you

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