Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Days...

Lately, life has gone from just clicking along to speeding pass me. These weeks of working almost full-time has taken my breath away. I feel like I am on a treadmill that just wont stop. I miss my boys every day and I miss my time at making my home a place of refugee from the days trials. Every night I sit here around the 10:30ish hr and say "where did this day go?" For all of you working Mom's out there I do not know how you do it. This morning Elijah just cried and cried as I walked out the door. I can't blame him! I wanted to sit down and just cry with him. These days will go quickly and it will pass soon, but for now I am grateful to be helping our family moving onward financially.

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mrscassel said...

Hi there, Lauren. Thanks for letting us share in your life and your family's happenings. I sensed a bit of regret in your post today, about having to leave your boys and for the refuge that you aren't able to create for your family while you're gone during he day. I also saw your desire to have a joyful attitude about helping your household's finances and I pray you are blessed for it. Ideally, home is we're we women were meant to be. And as you said, these days of the boys being itty bitty goes so fast and I believe your heart is to be with them. I wanted to encourage you to continue to have re-evaluation check-ins with the Lord and your husband as far as where they want you in your role as a wife and momma. Maybe coming home permenantly is in the future? Thanks for letting me speak into your little comment box and I trust you know my heart is gracious toward you and all momma's walking out life's journey.
ps, I've never shared about our journey of developmental delay. It's a long story and maybe I will tell you the whole story sometime. =)
Tracy Cassel