Saturday, October 29, 2011

Elijah's Visit to CHOP

I tried to load last week, but no such luck! So here is the scoop with Lijah's appt. We headed to CHOP downtown to see a Ped. Orthopedic Surgeon. He check Ebuster out and said that he should walk any day now!!! That brought tears to this Mama's eyes!!! I couldn't stop sobbing while we were there... So these are two quick pics of his little casts... They cast his legs in order to make his little braces... We will hopefully, pick them up this week or later next week.

Today we had some record snow fall... so we had a total pj day. I didn't take one pic, which is horrible. I need to get my act together with getting some pics of the boys every day!! I am going to check on my cheesecake that hub and I just finished!

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