Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Adventuers

SO this pretty much what it looks like around our house when we put the boys together!! Hudson grabbing Elijah's hands and buggin him and Elijah saying" NO HUDDY...NO HUDDY" They love each other, but they are starting to annoy each other as well!
This NEVER happens for me. The last past two Sun. at church Hudson has fallen asleep in the nursery. He is so sweet, but he is normally always on the go. He was totally out. I just want to bottle up this sweetness!
One of Elijah's bday presents was this little shopping cart. We gave it to him early because it will help with his walking. So we put Hudson in it and Elijah loves him in it. Elijah did take three steps on his own on Sat. and Mon. So we are making progress! Praise the Lord!!!

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