Monday, January 30, 2012

My Loves

I have not done an update just on the lovely men in my life lately and what they are up to!

Kent aka Daddy Kent as Elijah says now...
- He is working at Milton Hershey School and enjoying it.
- Playing and Singing with Worship Ministry at church
- Giving a bunch of private lessons
- Hanging out with the boys as much as possible!
- Working out Daily and looking to run a 10k

Elijah aka lijah
- Starting to walk and pull up tons
- Speaking in complete sentences
- Loves his brother and playing with him
- Is ready to move into a toddler bed!
- Will be starting Potty Training soon..
- He is still super into tractors, farm stuff, and cars

Hudson aka Huddy
- He is walking with assistance
- Starting to love to read
- Loves playing with Daddy and Elijah
- Talking up a storm... I just wish he would talk in words!
- Still taking two naps a day!
- Is becoming his own little person!

Sorry for the boring post, but I want to remember these days and savor them. They will not be around forever!

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