Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our trip to NYC

I am currently, hating blogger, but this will have to due for now I guess! Hub and I got a random email letting us know were selected to go and see the Martha Stewart Show. I am super excited. The first shot is from us waiting in line. We were number 18 and 19 that day. The second pic is from after the show and Martha answering questions. We had a blast at the show and came home with some sweet loot! Their studio is sweet and decorated with such pretty things.

After the show Hub and I were wanting to try this meatball place that I had seen on the Martha show a couple of months ago. It was AMAZING!!! I highly recommend it. It is just called the Meatball Shop. They have a couple of different ways to get your balls... We had simply divine caramel ice cream after our sandwiches. I am still enjoying my bagels... I cannot say this about the cupcakes we brought back!

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