Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wokring on the Part-Time basis

I am linking in up with Kelly's Korner today... Yes, I know I should have done it yesterday. This week I have been working a ton! I work part-time as the director of Kids Ministry at our church. I took this job after we decided it was better for me to work part-time than work as a family relief houseparenting at a local residential school that my hub is the music teacher at. My days and weeks are packed now that my hours are spread out over the week and not all full-filled in a weekend. I am enjoying my work and the kids I get to spend time with each week. It has been a shift with my kids and time I get to spend with them.

Some ideas I do to keep me on track during the week:
- Plan my meals out on Sun.
- Pack kids up the night before
- Do all of my laundry and cleaning one day a week
- Coupon one night a week for my shopping trips

Hope you enjoyed some of my little ideas on working part-time!