Sunday, April 29, 2012

A little story on how our family is about to grow! Hub and I started thinking back in the winter we would like to add one more family member.  So we started to end the prevention and see what would happen.  If nothing happened in a month or two we were going to go back to preventing.  In the past we have had some fertility issues, but apparently not this month! We were excited to add a new little person to our family.  I was still getting used to the idea of hauling around 3 kids on a regular basis, but I knew I could do it. 

Fast forward to Wednesday.  We went in for a normal 10 week appt. and the Dr. could not find the heartbeat, which was not totally abnormal for my previous pregnancies.  So he wrote the script and we were headed in for an ultrasound.  The earliest appt. they could get was Thursday at 2:30 so hub took a half day.  We head in for the ultrasound and I was a little nervous that something was wrong or that I might have had a miscarriage.  Just kidding! I saw the tech move the ultrasound around and I immediately saw two sacs and was like WOW.... So began our adventure of adjusting to the thought of having two babies!! So we will now be the parents of four not just three.  So begins our journey to a family of 6!

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