Monday, October 15, 2012

34 weeks and 5 days....

So we have made it this far.... I never imagined when I found out we were expecting twins I would have been on bed rest for 4 weeks, had a rising protein level, having numerous drs. appts., and oh that's right being stuck in my bed!

I have learned lots about marriage, family, and how little children deal with their momma being gone.  I have been humbled by all of the friends and family that have pitched in to help in numerous ways.  Constantly, I am reminded that there are far worse things going on with families and I need to be grateful that we have a big God who is totally protecting me from everything that is going on. 

 But with all of that said... I am ready for our new normal! I am ready for these two little people to make their arrival and show their little faces.  I am excited for new life and cuddles from babies.  As the hub reminded me today that baby cuddles are different than toddler cuddles.  He's right! These little people will just lay and hang with us, not scoot to get down or beg for a drink.  So twins please come out soon!! Momma, Daddy, Ebuster, and Huddy want to meet both of you!!!

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