Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Day of Rest...

Well... Yesterday was a day of rest! All Brinton did was rest.  She was awake most of the day and just hung out.  We got to see her awake and her feisty personality come out again.  The swelling on her spinal cord is starting to go down and we are starting to see some progress.  At this point they are narrowing it down to a virus or infections.  Which is a praise, but at the same time they really do not have a final answer as to why this is all happening. 

Prayer Requests...

- Swelling on spinal cord continuing to go down
- Continue arm movements coming back
- That Elijah, Hudson, and Kelvie would continue to stay healthy and well adjusting
- Kent and I would continue to cling to Him and each other other!

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