Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some days..

Some days I wish for my life to go back to "normal".  Just the regular stuff... Laundry, Kids crying and whining,  babies pooping all over me, and pre-school pick ups.  I am ready for that to happen again.  But is God ready for us to be there or is He done molding us through this process.... I don't think so.  So at this point I am asking what is the greater purpose or what am I suppose to learn.  I just keep waiting and listening to see what I am suppose to learn through this entire process.

We have had some ups and downs in the last 24 hours.  Brinton moved her arms and all docs have now witness it! We were told that her breathing tube would be removed today last night, but came in this am and was told it was not going to happen today.  This is a HUGE bummer because I have not been able to hold my sweet little Miss B in a week.  So we continue to sit and wait.  To be patient and remember that God is in control.  Looking forward, we are hoping tomorrow is finally the day the tube will come out and we will continue to see improvement in arm tone.  The docs do believe the steroids are working and the swelling on the spinal cord is going down.  Still no evidence on why her spinal cord is swollen or why we are even in this situation. 

Specific prayer items:
- Breathing trials would continue to improve and be even better than yesterday
- The tube would finally come out tomorrow
- I would be able to hold Brinton soon
- I would see and hear what God is trying to teach me through this entire experience

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