Friday, November 30, 2012

more appointments...

Today was a day of "well" visits.... I normally, just love going to those, but not so much today! Elijah had his three year and did AWESOME! Minus all of the needing to be entertained while I talked to the doc during our actual appointment.  He even got a flu shot and did not even cry.  Kelvie did well and did not even make a peep the entire visit.  Then we moved onto Brinton.... we tried to move her tubes up, which would allow her feeding to go to every 4 hrs. just like Kelvies.  To no surprise it did not work out.  So we were sent home with another disappointment and another hurdle to cross.  She was very awake and alert for the doc, which was good progress. 

This upcoming Wednesday we have very important appointment at DuPont children's hospital.  Our prayer is that we would be given some answers and God would show this set of doctors how to help Miss B.  So please join us in praying for God to reveal and show his miraculous power through these docs. 

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