Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Readjustment...

So before everything with Brinton started I felt like "I got this" and we were settling into our new routine of a family of six.  Now things are just restarting over again! The girls are one month, but we only have spent two weeks of that month at our own home.  My in-laws were gracious enough to let us stay with them the entire time we were at the Med. Center.  It was a HUGE blessing to know that we were close enough "just in case" we got a middle of the night call.  The boys had a blast and loved on every day!  E keeps asking when he can go back for a sleep over at Nana and Pappy's.  They do love their Nana and Pappy. 

So here we are readjusting to our new life as a family of six.  This season also brings with it tons of excitement, decorations, and expectations.  I am setting myself up with a calendar of items I would like to get accomplished each day.  I am going to change it up each day to include baking to crafting and everything in between.  I don't want this season of Christs birth to just pass our family by because we are just too consumed by being a blessed family. I will blog about each days adventures! Thanks again for all of your prayers through our journey with Brinton! 

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