Sunday, December 9, 2012

A little update

Here are my little cuties tonight... As you can see Kelvie is starting to get bigger than Brinton and they were both not into their pictures being taken tonight!

Tomorrow, we head to DuPont children's hospital for an impatient stay for Miss B.  We will be having more testing and seeing if there is any change in her MRI, MRV, MRA, and swallow study.  This will hopefully, give more insight to this doctor.  She is going to run tests for metabolic diseases and autoimmune disorders.  We have seen a bunch of improvement in her this weekend.  She started moving her fingers in her left hand and she has been sucking on her right hand. 

My prayer this week is for peace of mind and spirit.  To not just survive, but thrive in the moment.  I had a really encouraging conversation today at church with a mom who has lived through this and her child is now thriving! So thank you for all of your prayers that are felt and we are encouraged by them!

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