Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I know I have not updated in a couple of days.... so sorry life has taken OVER!
Monday, we finally, heard that we needed to be at DuPont by one o'clock for admission.  So I packed up the other three and got Miss B all packed up to head out.  Said good bye to my little loves and sent them with Nana! We drove down in some super foggy and overall, nasty weather.  Needless to say if I was at home I would be in my sweatpants hanging out or taking a nap! We got all admitted to find out that no testing would be done that day.  One small disappointment because this was all suppose to be set up before we came, but I knew that God had this all orchestrated for a reason!

So today we woke up and headed back to the hospital to find out that her MRI and Swallow Study were both scheduled for the same time.  Again not to our delight and late afternoon at that.  We were also told that her MRI if she lost her spot it could take up to a week to get it done.  Again, not ideal, but Gods timing is better than ours.  She got her swallow study appointment and her MRI appointment for tomorrow, which was amazing that they could get another MRI appointment so quickly. 

Fast forward to this afternoon.  I did not get my hopes super high and tried to remain pretty chill about the entire thing.  I knew the harsh disappointment that happens after a fail.  So I watched in anticipation and was super excited when I saw her swallowing correctly! I saw how God was showing his faithfulness once again on this journey with us. 

So please be in prayer for tomorrow as we have an MRI scheduled for around 3pm and she will be intibated and hopefully, quickly excibated.  Pray also for us as we drive back and forth from Manheim to DE at different points in time.  Lastly, and most importantly please pray for Elijah, Hudson, and Kelvie who will be in the wonderful care of my in-laws until I get home.  I am missing them tons!

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Kat said...

Praise the Lord!! What great news:) So happy for this victory and will be in prayer for tomorrow's MRI. The boys and I are praying for little B every day and just thanked Him for this passed test.