Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not Much New

Things have kind of settled down here! or should I saw that....
K went back to work this week after having a long weekend at MH and having a great relaxing memorial day with friends and family. I went to work on our house! I cleaned like a mad women yesterday and today was spent shopping and running other errons. Tomorrow looks like much of the same. We do have a busy weekend staring us down.

I would like to start adding a portion of my blogging time to dinner ideas! I have seen this others blogs and it catches my eye... So here are a few easy ones for a quick meal fix:

Tonight we had pizza on the grill: I buy dough already made at wal-mart and just pre-cook it a little on the grill cover it with veggies, sauce, and cheese and put back on the grill

Last night I did a whole frying chicken on the grill w/ roasted potatoes

Tomorrow is still up in the air- Looks like a night out

Fri night: Stuffed roasted pork loin- I am going to stuff it with spinach, cranberries, and some carmelized onions. Salad, and potato something!

Just a few ideas for the grill :)

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