Friday, January 30, 2009

Frantic Friday

I woke up today with a whole to-do list in my mind and not much of it was accomplished! I went to a drs. appt., which will hopefully put us one step closer to have baby pierce! Then off the mall with a friend. I am starting to not have much to wear coutorsey of the weight loss. So I ran into the gap and found some amazing deals. A pair of cords for only $9.99!!! I came home with two pairs of pants and three shirts/sweaters for the hub and I for only $64.99!! I was needless to say super happy. I am still on a no buying freeze. But when a girl is only down to two pairs of pants I think it is time to shop a little. After the quick retail theraphy I raced home and dropped off my friend. K and I quickly packed up our stuff and headed off to the boys! This weekend is guareented to be a quick one and very busy. I will update on mon.!

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